Volume 2

Issue 1


Opinions of Parents, and Students towards English as Medium of Instruction at Primary Level

Muhammad Naeem Mohsin* Tahir Mehmood** and Muhammad Khalid***
Research Paper
National Professional Standards for Teachers 2009 and Their Implementation by Female Primary School Teachers in Lahore

Tahira Jabeen*
Research Paper
Motivation for L2 Learning

Rizwan S Sulehry* & Saleha Zulfiqar**
Research Paper
Exploring the Impact of Parents’ Status on the Academic Performance and Behavior of Students

Mariam Javaid*, Ahmad SaeedAkhtar**& Nasir Abbas***
Research Paper
Relationship between School Climate, Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Secondary School Teachers in Punjab

Research Paper
The Concept of Trust and its Relationship with School Climate: A Study of Govt. Secondary Schools of District Gujarat

Shahzina Siddiqui*
Research Paper